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inflatable laser maze

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Get lost in this Inflatable Maze and try to find your way out. Our Inflatable Maze is great for a multitude of events and?occasions?from carnivals, festivals, pumpkin patches, or corporate parties.Inflatable Maze is unique in that the compact size allows for a one-person transportation and setup. However the compact size does not take away from the?challenging?maze experience. Make it a larger Maze by putting two of these Inflatable Mazes next to each other. Our smart design allows for multiple mazes to easily connect together and make a seamless transition from one maze to the next.

inflatable maze (2)

Inflatable maze is also a great outdoor blow up structure for inflatable rental companies to rent for adults and kids, it’s fun for camp drilling, competitions, treasure hunts, schools and churches. There are several types of them, such as corn maze, nerf, paintball, Halloween haunted house, etc, can be used for different occasions.

Inflatable maze is not a simple maze, sometimes, we will use it as a competition area for laser tag. People dress the cloth and use a gun to find another team inside. This makes simple maze more interesting and funny. Like below one, it is inflatable maze, but also inflatable zombie laser tag arena.

Rainbow Inflatables is a professional inflatable maze manufacturer and supplier in China, we manufacture many kinds of inflatable mazes for sale, large or small, complicated or simple, what you imagine, we can realize it for you.

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