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4-in-1 trampoline--rocket sky-high in the air

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4 in 1 bungee, steel frame bungee is popular, fashionable, children’s health entertainment sports equipment. 

It covers a small area, and easy to use, does not need electricity, not subject to site restrictions. Parks, squares, shopping malls, indoor and outdoor can be used. Installation and discharge convenient and flexible, solid installation, convenient transportation. Children can fly freely in the air, and they can do various actions in the air, such as 360 degrees,720 degrees back and forth, etc. It is one of the amusement equipment to improve children’s comprehensive quality. 

As soon as it was launched, it was well received. It not only brought joy to the tourists, but also brought rich profits to the operators.


before use, check all parts of the fastening bolt to see if it is loose, found loose tighten immediately, check the operation of the all parts to see if it is abnormal operation

If meet the event of failure or emergency, should cut off the power immediately, help players to evacuate from the device, and then do according to the procedures.

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