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Inflatable Water Park & Floating Island

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Inflatable water parks& floating island are the new big thing this summer and we can see why!


Giant floating water obstacle courses, featuring big water slides, trampolines, climbing walls and many more devilishly creative obstacles, are popping up all over the world and they promise to make your summer holidays as action-packed (and water-soaked) as they get.

Inflatable floating island

This is a large inflatable water park, covering an area of over 2500 square meter.

Unlike common floating water park, there is a symmetry in this design and two starting points. And the games in each side are different.

There are slides of different size, tunnel, dome, big and small jungle bar, trampoline curved bridge, roller wheels and jumping pillow.

In addition, there are also inflatable water toys like seesaws and jumping pillows.


To make the water park more challenging, there are also climbing slope, wobbly bridge and wiggle bridge for players to pass.

So everyone playing in this water park will enjoy himself.


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