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Bumper Zorb ball--let the football game more exciting

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The zorb football game is a very unique experience which offers the best of all worlds. 

It’s fast, entertaining and full of enjoyments. This is the best way of experiencing fun, energetic exercise. 

Zorb Football, crazy as the name suggests, is as hilarious as it is unique. 5 aside, 7 a side, cups, league games, indoor arena, park or beach and street, we are certain you haven’t tried this form of the very beautiful game before. Ensure you Strap yourselves into your one man body of Zorb and ensure you split off into various teams. Rather than tackle, you can use the most effective barge to win the game ball off the opponents pushing them flying off in the end process. When the ball is under your control you can halt yourself howling over with laughter for very long, dribble it forward or smashing it through past the goalie, however beware, a barge would come from all or any direction!

In zorb football there are no specific roles during the game, but players are required to wear special bubble suits. All players position themselves appropriately on the field and await the whistle, at which point they can descend upon the soccer ball at the center. Each team in bubble soccer has only five players. The game is fun for children and adults alike and it is physical and exhilarating. The bubble suits allow players to move their legs freely inside the zorb ball, to flip, jump, walk, and run. Bubble football introduces an exciting twist in the traditional game. Players are wrapped in a giant and soft inflatable bubble ball. Inside the ball are handles and shoulder harnesses. 

Once you get inside of one of these bubble balls you will have much fun as you bump into opponents. Bubble soccer is a very entertaining sport, with lots of fun for spectators and players alike.
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