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Inflatable Gymnastic air track floor for football game

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Gymnastic air track floor for football game

Inflatable Gymnastic air track floor ,it can be one parts on your gym or trampoline park .The air track floor can be used for inflatable bubble football game ,2 teams players wearing the soccer bubble suits ,with one big inflatable football ,game starting!

The Advantages Of  Inflatable Gym Air Track :

1. We use welding machine to seal the sides of the inflatable gym air track instead of gluing by hand, so it will not peel off.

2. We make reinforcement for all the seams, so our inflatable gym air track has better airtightness and more durable.

3. Our inflatable gym air track are very flat at the 4 sides and corners.


* Surface is flat and harder which is perfect in use for the sporter;

* Professional like a tumbling floor, not like a bouncer for children;

* No disturbing noise during use;

* Less energy costs;

* No expensive high pressure fan needed;

* Lighter and more compact;

* Far higher pressure.

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air track for footable_副本 (2)

Inflatable soccer goal was attached by velcro ,you can move the soccer goal and only stay the gym air track

Blue air track for football

Features of air track:


1. Safe and easy for beginning gymnast


2. Repetitive training for the advanced gymnast. 


3. Competitions for all levels of tumbling.


4. Great for PE and gym classes.


5. Great for cheerleaders.


6. Safe and easy for inflating and deflating


7. Great for exhibitions unlike gym mats the Air tumbler will fit in most vehicles. 


8. New type of competition between gyms for entry-level gymnast or tumblers.


9. The Air Tumbler will quickly become the favorite apparatus in your gym.

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