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Best Event Choice-Huge Inflatable 5k Obstacle Course

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Inflatable 5k Obstacle Course means that the total length of this kind of inflatable obstacle course is about 5 kilometers which are made up of a lot of fun obstacle courses, such as, inflatable slides, ball maze, bouncing balls, wave bridges, mattress runway, wrecking balls, rocking wall and some other obstacles. Each obstacle will give you a different challenge and fun, but please rest assured that you will enjoy all the obstacles.

huge obstacle design and finished picture comparance_看图王

Different obstacle projects are grouped in a certain order and participants need to overcome various difficulties and run from the beginning line to the finish line, the first one who reaches the finish line will be the winner. In the 5km race, every obstacle will make you crazy.

Every Air 5K obstacle race consists of twelve inflatable obstacles spread out over a five-kilometer course:

1.Start Line

2.Crash Course

3.Sling Shot

4.Climbing Run

5.Crawling Tunnel

6.Jump Around

7.Big Balls

8.The Humps

9.Mattress Run

10.Wrecking Ball

11.Finish Line

Our service -

--Free 3D design ,you can design your own 5k run

--more defferent part of obstacles for your option

-- Powerfull and full experience in OEM

--more than 10 years professional manufacturer in inflatables

If you would like to hold a isane event and build a funny park , pls do not hesitate to contact us .

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