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The Characteristic of grounding swimming pools

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Grounding swimming pool is portable pool, the same as frame swimming pool. Both two pools are made of commercial grade PVC tarpaulin, and high quality with most advenced technology of high temperature sealing , it can make the pools antiwear,tear-proof and durable.PVC Tarpaulin is thicker than bouncers, all made by 0.9mmPVC Tarpaulin, we have the most professional technical team, they are always studying new technology and design the productions with innovation.all of our inflatables are packed in PVC bags,many of our products are exported abroad which will take a long time to ship , our packaging will reduce the wear and tear in transit and make sure the inflatables you receive are intact.

air tight pvc blue pool

All of our swimming pool can be customized according to your size.Grounding swimming pool and frame pool are convenient to install and disassemble with low price.Swimming pool can beautiful your backyard,your family can swim for a while to relax after long time work and do exercise to keep healthy. Friends and family can have a good time together in the swimming pool , at the same time, have some drinks , food and play games with is very also can be used for event, activities. Combined with slides, or some small water games inside, like banana boat, water roller, walking balls, iceberg,boat,swimming toys etc. to get more fun.

frame pool

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